CHE graduate Chris Pilley has put together a report entitled “Sustainability and Public Health: A Collection of Case Studies”.

Chris has had a varied career including nearly 20 years in community based adult learning, followed by a period in green and ethical financial planning. He is a long time member of CHE and completed the MSc in Human Ecology (distinction) in 2001. Since then he has been combining project work in an Edinburgh Community High School, with a number of freelance activities, of which this publication is one.

According to Chris:

While I had been given a specific brief by UKPHA (described in the Foreword and reflected in the choice of case studies), I was very aware of my debt to the wider CHE community and to the CHE MSc in particular in approaching it. UKPHA had started to show an interest in what was called “ecological public health” and part of the intention in the report was show how aspects the two worlds had much in common. I was also seeking to broaden the notion of “sustainability” beyond the common focus on climate change alone.

You can download the report from the following link: Sustainablity and Public Health: A Collection of Case Studies


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