Luke Devlin

You are warmly invited to the upcoming CHE Roundtable with Dr Poppy Kohner, ‘Lessons from America: militarism, trauma and resistance in post-9/11 USA’. 


Wednesday 22nd February, 6pm in the CHE library, The Pearce Institute, 840-860 Govan Rd, Glasgow G51 3UU


The talk will be followed by a discussion; tea and refreshments will be provided.

In recent years in the UK we have been witnessing a drive towards militarism. This may be in the form of more visible recruitment campaigns, the tightening of relationships with the arms trade, or through performative nationalism and hero worship of soldiers and veterans. The normalisation and celebration of all things military attempts to create an uncritical, battle-ready, nation who will passively consent to military-led solutions to global problems.


This Roundtable will critically engage with militarism by looking at resistance strategies of post-9/11 soldiers and veterans in the USA.

Poppy Kohner will present findings from her research and will touch on the following areas:

– the culture of US militarism, military power and social control
– veteran identities and ‘the military imaginary’
– military culture as belonging forged through fear
– the concept of trauma and its roots in militarisation
– the intersection of militarism, trauma and resistance
– political organising as a tool of healing from trauma and militarism”

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