We warmly welcome you to this year’s AGM. It will take place at the Mary Barbour Suite, Pearce Institute, 840-860 Govan Rd, Glasgow G51 3UU on Saturday 6th September, 11am – 1pm, followed by a shared lunch until 14.30pm.

Please find attached formal notice of this meeting.

If you are not a member and wish to become one, see

It would be helpful if you could RSVP at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to give us an idea of numbers. The lunch will be potluck, so please indicate what dish you would like to bring to share, so we can make sure to buy a few remaining items. Thanks!

At the meeting will be reviewing the past year’s activities and events and sharing our plans and thoughts on the Centre’s future. Please note well the following points:

Special resolution to develop a new model of organisation for the Centre for Human Ecology as an educational co-operative:

The board of directors have been discerning and developing this resolution to present to the membership for consideration. We will be explaining our thinking and giving details of the resolution in a green paper to be distributed before the AGM.

NB the resolution is to endorse the development of the model for further consideration, not at this stage to change the organisational structure or governing documents: an additional EGM in the first quarter of 2015 will be required for any formal change of this nature if the resolution is passed.

Special resolution for the Centre for Human Ecology to take a position in favour of a ‘yes’ vote in the Scottish independence referendum.

The board of directors welcome the opportunity that the independence referendum offers to revision the kind of country Scotland could be and explore the kind of society we want to build. The Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator permits charities to take a position on independence if it is a way of achieving our charitable objectives.

It is the view of the board of directors that Scottish independence could potentially further the charitable objectives of the CHE to improve the just relationship between humankind and the environment and relieve poverty, by creating more favourable conditions for a smaller, bioregional socially equitable economy within ecological limits. This is not an endorsement of nationalism or any political party.

Again, we will be expanding on this resolution in a green paper for distribution before the AGM for your consideration and discussion. Proxy forms for voting on these two resolutions, and the re-election of directors will also be distributed prior to the meeting.

Please also find attached call for directors if you wish to put yourself forward for election as a director at this AGM: please feel free to distribute this to your networks.

We look forward to welcoming many of you at this year’s AGM!

With warm wishes,

CHE directors Luke Devlin, Ewen Hardie, Mike McCarron, Svenja Meyerricks & Walton Pantland


Call for Directors

Notice of AGM