Video recorded events

Our Kandinsky in Govan conference was a successful and stimulating event, with workshops, keynote addresses and a ‘Blue Rider’ ceilidh on the Saturday night. The main conference archive/proceedings page, containing resources, media links and papers, is on curator Alastair McIntosh’s personal site here:

A major output from the conference is the specially-commissioned ‘Fair Folk’ short film produced by Fablevision which premiered on the Saturday. Curator Alastair McIntosh:

The CHE office in Govan overlooks on the one side the ancient sacred site of Govan Old Parish Church, and on the other the encampment of a deep rooted indigenous people, the Govan Showpeople, whose future tenure is insecure.

As part of the Govan Folk University partnership that delivered the recent Kandinsky in Govan I commissioned Fablevision to make a short video expressing the Showpeople’s art, spirituality and implicitly raising questions about how their future is thought about. Fablevision have done us proud with the quality of their production.