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CHE is a founding member of the COrporate REsponsibility Coalition Scotland. CORE Scotland has been formed to promote opportunities for greater corporate responsibility in Scotland. CORE Scotland is focusing on building support for changes in Scottish public policy and practice in the areas of procurement, investment and community rights.
CORE Scotland’s mission is to:

* promote ethical procurement by public authorities in Scotland, thus creating a market for ethical goods and services, and eliminating unethical companies from public contracts;

* promote the use of environmental and ethical investment criteria, to reduce funding of projects that put basic human rights and the environment at risk;

* promote mandatory reporting of social and environmental impacts in company’s annual reports;

* assert the rights of citizens and communities to hold companies responsible for the social and environmental impact and;

* support the activities of the CORE coalition as laid out in The Corporate Responsibility (CORE) Bill at Westminster

The founding members of CORE Scotland are: Amnesty International Scotland, Centre for Human Ecology, Friends of the Earth Scotland, Oxfam in Scotland, and Save the Children.