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ScienceAid is a new project to enable community groups to access the scientific advice, information and explanations they need. By creating a database of scientists, who are willing to make their expertise freely available to community groups, we will link communities with the most appropriate academic assistance. ScienceAid is a pilot project, with 6 months’ initial funding from the Committee on the Public Understanding of Science.

ScienceAid is run by CHE in collaboration with Friends of the Earth Scotland (FoES). CHE is responsible for encouraging scientists to offer their services, and for developing and managing the database. FoES is the first point of contact for community groups and, if necessary, helps them work out what sort of scientific information or advice they need. ScienceAid also provides advice and training to community groups so they can make best use of the scientists’ help, and also to scientists so they can best meet the communities’ needs.

ScienceAid is supporting communities to participate actively, effectively and with appropriate scientific awareness in situations such as:

liaison groups of potentially polluting industrial plants

negotiations over coastal fish farm developments

transmitter mast erections, including TETRA masts

planning inquiries regarding new industrial, waste and extractive developments

impacts of land management in rural areas

ecological impact of developments within national parks or other designated areas

reporting polluting incidents to regulating industries

campaigning for improvements to damp and/or cold housing