Our former clients

Traidcraft plc commissioned the Centre for Human Ecology to examine the environmental impact of sugar production and to consider how this relates to Traidcraft’s strategic objectives. Traidcraft is one of Europe’s leading fair trade companies.

The study was carried out by Osbert Lancaster, Dr Jennifer Batty and Dr Crispin Hayes, all Fellows of CHE. The study identified a range of ways in which sugar production, processing and transport impacts not only on the ecosystem and biodiversity, but also on the poor who are Traidcraft’s beneficiaries.

Osbert Lancaster, CHE Executive Director and project leader said, “we have identified new areas for Traidcraft to integrate environmental issues into its strategy so that trade related environmental improvements can transform the lives of poor people. Such an approach will build on Traidcraft’s long term, pioneering work of fighting poverty through trade”.

Mags Vaughan, Operations Director, Traidcraft plc, said, “The report was very much as I had hoped – the CHE team have identified a number of specific opportunities to reduce the environmental impact of sugar production. We particularly welcome the emphasis given to working closely with local people in sugar producing areas to tackle the environment-related poverty issues that they consider priorities.”